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The International Journal of Process Education is a peer-reviewed international journal published annually by the Academy of Process Educators. It also serves as an archival media for a community of practice encompassing scholars and educators dedicated to transforming higher education.

What we do


The International Journal of Process Education will be a catalyst for the scholarship of teaching and learning in support of the efforts of the Academy of Process Educators to transform higher education.


To provide a forum for, and an archival record of, scholarly research in Process Education, elevate skills in the discipline of the scholarship of teaching and learning, explore promising new research areas in Process Education, and to foster classroom-based research.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. All faculty, staff, administrators and students can contribute to classroom research.
  2. Every researcher’s methods can be continuously improved.
  3. The term “classroom” is a metaphor for all learning environments.
  4. Mentorship can accelerate the development of research skills.
  5. There is a role for both quantitative and qualitative educational research.
  6. Collaboration among authors, reviewer and editors is critical for a vibrant research environment.
  7. Increasing societal complexity and pace of change make it imperative to accelerate the transition from classroom discovery to disseminated findings that are the basis of shared practice.
  8. An educational journal can be improved by regularly assessing all aspects of its operation.